Topic is Travel Destination to Qatar. Panoramic view to the modern skyline of the city center, Qatar.
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This is the capital of Qatar and you will be surprised to encounter such a tempting view of this city which has some of the most famous landmarks of Qatar. This city is the most visited area for tourists exploring the Arab countries. There are adorably arranged, bow formed Corniche, sandy desert scenery and the shining blue waters of the Gulf, that attracts many travellers from around the globe into this city. Doha is the most famous city in Qatar which is loaded up with desert ventures, water sports, shopping, historical museums, top-notch food, luxurious attractions, and other popular attractions. You must not miss out to visit the famous Doha Corniche which is a waterfront promenade extending along Doha Bay.            

Al Rayyan

This city is one of the biggest local locations lying around 10kms north from Doha. If you wish to attend real festivities and functions of Qatar you must explore this city as it owns a Qatar Equestrian Organization, the coordinators behind a few races and has a yearly Bedouin horse as well. These equestrian centres teach how famous Arabian horses are trained via guided tours. You can also attend lots of International concerts and conferences that often take place at the Qatar National Convention Center in Al Rayyan. These landmarks are all part of the Qatar Foundation. This city to visit in Qatar is the best place for an exploration of historic centres with intact fortifications and mosques dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries.

Topic is Travel Destination to Qatar

Al Wakra

Al Wakra is situated in the middle of Umm Said and Doha. This is one of the famous towns of Qatar that holds lots of enthusiastic tourists every year. This town was initially a modest pearling and angling town, but later it developed into a community with successful pearl traders but with a population of not more than 30,000 people. Al Wakra is known for a famous gallery in one of its old strongholds, that shows marine life and the history of the region. You can experience great workmanship and architectural diversity in this town. There is a maze of alleyways and courtyards of Al Wakrah Souq that are standing for so many years embellishing the town’s vintage beauty. The tradition of fishing and pearl farming is still practiced in some families now but such trading transformed this small village into a large port town.

Umm Said

Well, I know even the name of this town seems like a guy’s name from Arab countries. But it’s surprising and weird that the founder of this town has a much more lengthy name than the name of this popular town in Qatar. This town was founded around 1910 by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Jassim Al Thani. This town holds the importance of lots of historic structures and 3 protected environmental areas that attract lots of travellers. The Sunai, Wadi Sultan, and Umm Al Amad reserves giving the bliss of natural love to this town has a rich biodiversity with sprawling desert arid landscapes. Along with that, you can enjoy visiting famous landmarks such as the 19th-century Barzan watchtowers or the Umm Salal Fortress. There are some prehistoric burial grounds discovered by the archaeology centres that are believed to be over 5,000 years old.

Khor Al Udaid

This city is also titled as the ‘Inland Sea’. Such a name is based on the city’s incredible location, which is settled at a beautiful place in the world having the sea encroaching deep into the golden sands dunes of the desert. This city lies in the south of Doha. You will love the great combination of barren desert with a fresh blue sea full of life and colours. The sunrise grasps the ocean, encircled by numerous sabkha stores into a great panoramic view. You can realise how peaceful and rejuvenating this well-known city of Qatar is and you can even achieve all these breath-taking views from a rented four-wheel-drive throughout the city. Since it’s mostly uninhabited by humans, therefore its own ecosystem flourishes with a great diversity of flora and fauna which you can easily explore.

Al Khor

This city is located at the north east-coast of Doha. Due to the popularity of the capital city, people love to stay out in Al Khor as well. The city in itself has an eminent collection of its harbours with angling vessels and little artworks describing the whole vibe of the city. But the city is well known for its shorelines, memorable towers, and mosques, which makes it among the best cities in Qatar to visit. This city was even once a very famous centre and exporter of promising pearl industry in Qatar. Its skyline is covered by 3 watchtowers, some of which have been restored to their original appearance now. These towers along with other angelic views of the city rank it among the best destinations for nature lovers. You can enjoy scenic landscapes and birdwatching in the Al Thakira Mangroves peacefully.

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