Topic is Travel Destination to Somalia. Hot spring sea water and small swamps near Lac Assal.
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Having a population around a population of around 779,000 people, Hargeysa is one of the top major cities in Somalia. Being a retail hub and center for industry, it is the capital city of Somaliland. The city has an education system and is home to multiple universities. Hargeisa experiences a semi-arid climate with warm winters and hot summers. This city never faces extremes of temperatures due to the elevation in spite of its location on the tropics. The ideal time to visit this place would be between November and February and April to September are the wettest months.


Mogadishu has a rich history and now you can see many significant changes, which is evident in the beautiful buildings of this city. It reigns as the king of all the best cities in Somalia being located on the coastal region of the Indian Ocean. In the 8th and 10th centuries, trade was conducted here with the Arabs and Persians. There was the growth of cross cultures in Mogadishu with the introduction of Islam and in other Somalia cities as well. Even today Islamic architecture can be seen. Visitors have many hotel options in this Somalia city.                     


Topic is Travel Destination to Somalia. Cave Laas, Geel Rock interior near Hargeisa in Somalia.


Merca, located south of Mogadishu is a city of around 524,000 population. The 70 miles southwest, It is found around Mogadishu. During the time of Italian Somalia, the city was an important center for food and trade. Merca is also known by the name Marka and is present close to Mogadishu. The beach in this beautiful city in Somalia is a popular spot for tourists. Among the Somalia Cities Merca shot to fame because of the Banana War. The rivalry between two warlords who were fighting over the city is the main reason behind this war. Merca was used to be a commercial hub for banana export. Lies in the southeastern part of Somalia, Merca is known by the name of Merka or Marka.


Berbera is one of the cities to visit in Somalia estimated around 393,000 people live. As an important spot, Berbera has a deep history in the Horn of Africa. Berbera has also housed an airport which outsources air transport to 3 cities by the name of Berbera Airport. The port of Berbera in Somalia had once been a big port that has now been reduced in glory because of the recent political tumult in the country. Except if you take a keen interest in its historical past there is little to explore.


Kismaayo is located in southern Somalia, in a state called Jubaland. It fifth-largest city in Somalia by population. It is one of the famous cities in Somalia. The town was taken by the British in 1887, founded in 1872 by the sultan of Zanzibar, it later became a part of Jubaland and was within Italian Somaliland (1927–41). Mainly used in the banana export industry, were improved with the U.S, in the 1960s its harbor facilities. aid. During the 1990s as a result of Somalia’s civil warKismaayo’s port was damaged.


Burco came under the British colony and was one of the six districts under British rule. Burco, Borama, Erigavo, Hargeisa, and Las Anod were the other districts. It is considered in one of the main cities in Somalia. In 1964, The city of Burao turned into a North Eastern Province. By merging Burao, Erigavo, and Las Anod districts, North Eastern Burao Province was formed.

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