Topic is Travel Destination to Sudan. Pyramids of Meroe, an ancient desert pyramid in Sudan.
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The executive capital of Sudan is situated at the junction between the Blue and the White Nile with 3.2 million inhabitants. It lies at an elevation of 390 meters. Together with Omdurman to the west and Khartoum North to the north, form Khartoum Sudan’s dominating urban center. Omdurman serves as the legislative capital of Sudan. Khartoum is very poor, with a few exclusive areas. Few streets are paved, but the center is well-planned, with tree-lined streets. For the whole of Sudan, Khartoum is the administrative, economic and commercial center. The population of this largest city in Sudan is made up of all the peoples, making it relatively one of the least Arabic cities in the northern half of Sudan.


City in Sudan with 2.4 million inhabitants, this big city in Sudan Situated on the western bank of the Nile, Omdurman is an integrated part of the larger capital area (with Khartoum and North Khartoum), with between 5.5 and 6 million inhabitants. Omdurman is at an elevation of 390 meters, the same as for Khartoum. Omdurman is an important commercial center to Sudan, spanning from financial activities to trade. There are 3 significant market zones, and outside of Omdurman, there is a camel showcase, where camels despite everything are valued by their down to earth characteristics as well as by their magnificence. There are numerous enterprises in Omdurman, just as little scale producing and the structure of pontoons.

Topic is Travel Destination to Sudan. The Ruines of Amun Temple in Soleb, Sudan.


Nyala is the capital of the South Darfur state with 4.1 million inhabitants and an area of 127,000 km². This one of the biggest cities in Sudan lies at an elevation of 670 meters. Local industries produce textiles, processed food, and leather goods. Gum arabic is traded through Nyala. It is well connected to other urban centers, with good roads and railway, as well as a domestic airport. Al-Fashir is 200 km northeast. The name reportedly comes from Daju, meaning “Place to chat”. With the present conflict of Darfur, refugee camps have been established around Nyala.

Port Sudan

Port Sudan is the capital of the Red Sea State with 1.4 million inhabitants and an area of 219,000 km². It is the major commercial point for exports and imports and one of the top cities in Sudan. It was established to benefit from its coral-free harbor; thereby replacing the old port of Suakin which had its harbor choked by corals. Presently, the coral-free channel into Port Sudan is between 20 and 25 meters wide. Port Sudan is also the petroleum center of Sudan, with a petroleum refinery and an oil pipeline to Khartoum.


With 470,000 inhabitants, Kassala is one of the best cities in Sudan, the capital of the Kassala state with 1.8 million inhabitants and an area of 37,000 km². It lies at an elevation of 495 meters, with the Kassala Mountains to the east and the Mokram Mountains to the south. Behind the city, the immediate Taka Mountains rise characteristically situated. Kassala is a market town and a transport hub, especially connecting other centers by both highway and railway. Agriculture is also important, specializing in fruits. Before, the production of cotton was of great importance.


Kusti is one of the largest city of the White Nile state but not it’s capital (which is Ad-Duwaym), 100 km north. Kusti lies on the west bank of the White Nile river, at an elevation of 380 meters. This important city in Sudan has since centuries been an important center for river trade, traditionally reaching as far south as Malakal and Juba. With light manufacturing, the economy of Kusti is based upon agriculture. There is a large sugar refinery plant of Kenana near the city.

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