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In the shadow of Mount Meru and located in the north of Tanzania, Arusha City is the safari capital of Tanzania. It is one of the main cities in Tanzania. Because most of the safari destination Arusha is called the safari capital and all are fairly close to Arusha. Before embarking on their Safari around the Northern CircuitTourists usually spend overnight here which boasts of major attractions such as Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Kilimanjaro among other attractions. Arusha’s clock tower is the midway point between Cairo in Egypt & Cape Town in South Africa.

Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salam is one of the most beautiful cities in Tanzania. It brags one the world’s best regular harbors shows despite everything employing its waters while burrowed outs, pilled with a fish bounce by the harbor side. It is considered one of the largest cities in Tanzania. Despite developing to get one of the greatest business center points in East Africa it stays as a position of interest with numerous tokens of its beautiful provincial past. Shops, eateries, temples, a Bavarian style railway, Botanical Gardens, and Gymkana, the roman catholic church St Joseph Cathedral and the Lutheran Azania Front Church all despite everything stand today in the City bearing proof of Dar es Salaam’s rich frontier history.

Topic is Travel Destination to Tanzania


The city of Bagamoyo is home to world-class Historical locales and one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites with rich social legacy holding up you to explore. Found some 70km north of Dar es Salaam, on the coast inverse Zanzibar, Bagamoyo town was at one time a most significant trade port along the East African Coast and a German East Africa Capital. This big city in Tanzania is home to numerous ethnic gatherings, including the Wakwere, Wazaramo, and Wazigua. Aside from the local communities, different societies including individuals of Arab plunge live in Bagamoyo making the town a quiet and cordial spot for guests from everywhere throughout the world. 


Dodoma is one of the best cities to visit in Tanzania and situated in the heart of the country, Dodoma is the country’s political capital and the seat of the legislature. In spite of the less popular than Dar es Salaam, the city has a developing wine industry.  Nyerere Square, Museum of Geosciences, Bunge, Gaddhaffi Mosque, Anglican Church, Jamatkhana (Ismaili) Mosque are some major tourist attractions found in Dodoma.


Situated on the eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika, Kigoma is encompassed by tough mountains and backwoods that make it a satisfying and delightful area. This one of the best cities in Tanzania is the territorial capital of western Tanzania and a focal port in the region. A portion of the fascinating spots to visit with regards to Kigoma incorporate; Ujiji, the close by previous Arab slave-exchanging settlement, the popular gathering spot of Stanley and Livingstone, Gombe National Park for chimpanzee survey and Lake Tanganyika.


Situated in the southern part of Tanzania, Iringa is one of the pleasant cities to visit in Tanzania with a blasting territorial horticulture trade. It neglects the Little Ruaha River and is a mainstream halting point for guests to Ruaha National Park. Iringa was a focal point of pioneer organization during the German occupation and it is additionally the site of a few fights during the First and Second World Wars and the Commonwealth War Graves can be discovered only outside of town.

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