Topic is Travel Destination to Turkmenistan. Scenic photograph of the City of Ashgabat after sunset.
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Having 879,846 residents, Ashgabat is a modern city was established on the Kopet Dag foothills in 1881. The city was strategically located on the Transcaspian Railway and the caravan routes and began as a Russian military fort. From 1919 to 1927, the city was briefly named Poltoratsk, under the Soviet Union until 1991 it was the capital of Turkmenistan. With small communities of Russians, Uzbeks, Azeris, and Armenians, the city’s population is majorly Turkmen. The main religion is Sunni Islam practiced in this largest city in Turkmenistan. Ashgabat is also known as a political and administrative center.  From textiles, metallurgy, carpet-weaving, to glassworks, industries in the city range. 


The city of Turkmenabat is home to 243,909 residents and serves as the capital of Lebap Province. One of the best cities in Turkmenistan, referred to as Amul, was an important region on the Great Silk Road. As a settlement for Cossack Russians in 1886, The contemporary city began.  At the junction of the Transcaspian Railway, the city is conveniently situated. It is one of the main cities in Turkmenistan. During the Soviet Union period, Türkmenabat was known as Chardjuy and it was the country’s transport and industrial center

Topic is Travel Destination to Turkmenistan. Yangikala Canyon, a breathtaking landscape very much worth visiting in Turkmenistan.


Chinese sources mentioned the city of Yue-gan, at the beginning of the 1st century AD, which has been correlated with the city of Gurgench or Urgench.  According to ancient and medieval geographic conceptions, it relates to Khorezm. This city was written about in connection with the most important political events in the region In the later period. Several times, Kunya-Urgench was destroyed and rebuilt. There are numerous archeological and architectural monuments, like Mausoleum of Il-Arslan, Mausoleum of Sultan Tekesh, Minaret of Kutlug Timur, and Mausoleum of Turabek-Khanym presenting considerable scientific and cultural value, on the territory of Kunya-Urgench. Because of it, this city deserves one of the best cities to visit in Turkmenistan. Kunya-Urgench includes in the UNESCO World Heritage Committee and decided to in its list of world heritage sites at the 29th session held in Durban, South Africa. 


Abadan is a small city located near Aşgabat in the Ahal Province of Turkmenistan. It was named Büzmeýin until October 2002 and Founded in 1963.  Turkmenistan’s President Saparmurat Niyazov had changed its name. Bezmein is the traditional Russian name of this city. It is one of the top cities in Turkmenistan. About 50000 people living in Abadan. The people of this city are so friendly. There are many tourist sites available here and the cost of tourism is not so expensive and every travel junky can visit at an affordable price.


Balkanabat is a modern city in Turkmenistan with a population of about 88,000 people. The city is situated at the southern pediment of the Big Balkhan ridge in the west of Turkmenistan. Not far from the city there is an airport and Turkmenbashi port, nearly 13 km to the north-west from the city. Upon the discovery of major oil deposits, Balkanabat was founded in 1933.  The township obtained city status in 1946. It is considered one of the famous cities in Turkmenistan. The city’s name was Nefte-Dag or Nebit-Dag (Oil Mountain),  initially. The city changed its name to Balkanabat in 1999.


Formerly known as Krasnovodsk, the port city Turkmenbashi is the only large port in whole Central Asia. This popular city in Turkmenistan provides a link with European countries. It looks in the turquoise-blue waters of the Caspian Sea, surrounded on the east by the crescent of low mountains, in the west. With small communities of Russians, Uzbeks, Azeris, and Armenians, the city’s population is mainly Turkmen. If you are planning to visit this country don’t miss seeing this city

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