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Listed on this page are world countries with a bit of details and photos about each one.  Below the top main photo on each country travel page, you will see 3 buttons:

  1.  Sustainability Efforts –  Environmental awareness and preserving the environment.  Information is slowly being created in collaboration with the City of Fort Lauderdale, County of Broward, Florida, Sustainable Fashion Tech Global Evolution (SFTGE.COM), Sister Cities International (Florida-Sustainable Division).
  2. Travel Requirements – In this day and age of Covid, this is truly important to know before making any travel arrangements.
  3. Politics for said country (if any) – This is a perpetual work-in-progress and will consist mostly of “news and headlines” featured around the web as well as RSS feeds.

Photos and data on all pages are subject to change at random time.

Countries:  A – M  |  N – Z