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'Wall Street: Pressure on indices - Regional banks scare investors' discussion in Business group Wall Street indices suffered heavy losses on Friday, with... - created by Maria Gahan 3 days ago
'US: Dell cuts more than 6,500 jobs' discussion in Business group Computer maker Dell Technologies Inc will cut 6,650 jobs,... - created by Annot Devoe about 1 month ago
'Saudi Arabia wants to invest (also) in Formula 1' discussion in Business group Ways to enter the "world" of Formula 1 are being sought b... - created by Candice J. Stapleton Stapleton about 2 months ago
'Google cuts 12,000 jobs - 6% of employees worldwide are being laid off' discussion in Business group Google's parent company, Alphabet, has announced the elim... - created by Candice J. Stapleton Stapleton about 2 months ago
'The 20 richest Americans for 2022' discussion in Business group The finalists on the Forbes list may be $235 billion poor... - created by Kathrin Sklias 6 months ago

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