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Welcome to Religion: Interfaith Insights, uniting the world’s faiths in news and stories that embrace the diverse tapestry of world religions.  Here, we embark on a journey of understanding, compassion, and shared wisdom, as we explore the richness and complexities of different faiths from around the globe.  In a world often marked by division, this platform seeks to foster unity and promote dialogue among believers of all traditions. Whether you follow Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Sikhism, or any other spiritual path, this space is a sanctuary for respectful exchange, where we celebrate the common threads that connect humanity through faith while appreciating the uniqueness of each belief system. 

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Ukraine's Catholic Bishops Tell Pope That His Praise for Russia's Imperial Past 'Pained' Ukrainians

Ukraine’s Greek Catholic bishops told Pope Francis on Wednesday that his words praising Russia’s imperial past had pained the Ukrainian people, bringing complaints about the Vatican’s diplomatic neutrality in Moscow’s war on their country to the heart of the Holy See.

The bishops were in Rome for a periodic meeting and met with the pope in person for nearly two hours. (

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The 10 Most Religious Countries, Ranked by Perception

Israel is seen as the most religious country in the world, according to survey data tied to U.S. News’ 2023 Best Countries rankings.

The Best Countries rankings assess 87 countries based on a global survey of more than 17,000 people. In the survey, respondents answered whether they associated various countries with the word “religious.”

Roughly three-fourths of Israel’s 9 million inhabitants are Jewish, according to estimates. Muslims are the second-largest religious group in the country, accounting for close to 20% of the population.

Saudi Arabia this year slipped to No. 2 among the countries perceived to be the most religious after beating out Israel for No. 1 in 2022, while Oman bumped Morocco from the top 10. 

Meanwhile, the United States fell three positions, from No. 66 to No. 69. Australia and Switzerland were considered the least religious nations, at Nos. 87 and 86, respectively…. (

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Parishioner fighting to keep Black church in Columbus from closing

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