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Welcome to the ‘Politics Around the World’ section. Political news, videos, and content covering the US 2024 Election and worldwide country news.  Politics is a significant and frequently intense topic in nearly every country across the globe. This section serves as a convenient collection of political information from various online sources (photos, RSS feeds, and videos) covering world countries.

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Politics is an important (and often boiling hot) issue in just about every country around the world.  This section was created as an easy-to-glance gathering of political information found around the Web pertaining to all countries.

BlahFace (nor any subsidiary or division of Blahface), in no way, shape or form, indicates or implies via this page of any affiliation or endorsement of any presidential candidate or committee. The purpose of this page is to provide information that is public for our viewers and has not been requested to be presented by a presidential candidate.